Thursday, July 16, 2009

Friday, July 10, 2009

Psttt! Gladiator Sandals


Available in 2 colours.
Dark brown- size 39
Caramel- size 37 & size 38
Price: MYR 50


Colour: dark brown
Size: 39
Material: Suede

Price: RM52


Colour: caramel (as BRONTE GLADIATOR)
Size: 37
Material: Suede
Price: RM50

p/s: email us for more pic of Ebony sandal


dark brown (same as BRONTE GLADIATOR colour)
Size: 36
Price: MYR 52

Bloom 8 : Draw me, pencil!

Black lining at the side to minimize your hip =)

Size: UK 8, UK 10
Price per piece: MYR 35

Classy, Sexy. Our pencil skirts draw a smoother line and the stretchable material captures attentions to your uber slim hips.

Bloom 7 : Dear cardi, do something!

Size: UK 8 (Charcoal)
Price per piece: MYR 35
This cropped cardigan for different style everyday! It will never let you down by pairing it with tank top and maxi dress, depending on your creativity. You won't be staring at your wardrobe blank headed ever again.

Bloom 6 : Satin Smoothy

Size: UK 8 (Maroon)
Price per piece: MYR 35
Corset-look top. Sexy bust is yours with 3 false buttons that create an effect to your bust line. Suitable for girls night out or a cozy evening with a cup of cappuchino. Pair it with skinny jeans or denim short skirt.

Bloom 5 : Out with Talia

Size : Size UK8 (Dusty Blue)

Price per piece: MYR 40
Cranky dusty blue with knitted effect in chest area. This is how you hypnotize someone. The bubbly effect with easy stretch makes your day easier.Wear it on its own or make your look extra astonishing with cute leggings.

Bloom 4 : Wisel me not, Tyra!

Size UK 8 (Teal)

Price Per Piece: MYR40

Knitted sexay back details with two inches grip at the bottom promising a 'low-low' hot back effect! And not forgetting, it comes with inner tube.

Bloom 3 : Rebecca, missy!

Size UK 8 (Black)
Price Per Piece : MYR 40
Wanna be a center of attraction? This black lace material top injected with bold accessories will definitely turn the whole crowds eyes to you, Missy. Rebecca is here to get you there, ringing the club's alarm, because you are too hot to handle..

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bloom 2 : Victoria.

UK 8 (Denim Blue)

Price per piece: MYR 82
This jacket with victorian-glamover expression brings bold character to your wind-coldy days. Suitable for casual outings or casual Fridays at the office. The bronze buttons attached on the jacket promising the eleganity with a little masculine touch on the piece.

Bloom 1: Three Stooges.

UK 8 (Orange)

UK 10 (Mustard Yellow)

UK 8 (White)

Price Per Piece : MYR 35
Our Three Stooges prepare you with casual and comfy material for any lazy days. Doesn't need much brain-crashing for a moderate look with our Three Stoges. Simply sweet on its own or with inner tube-top. The knitted material will never let you down facing with 'hot-hot' sunny sun. It's a 'must-have' in every girl's wardrobe.